Here at Carlisle Therapies we try and make our classes accessible to every-body.  People come in all shapes and sizes and this class tailors to the needs of larger sized people.  Being bigger or curvy may mean that adjustments may be needed to access some yoga asanas.  Your instructor will work with you to help you build your confidence on your yoga mat.  Suitable for sizes 18 +.

Class size is limited so you get lots of personal instruction.

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If you are completely new to yoga or are wishing to boost your confidence on your mat then Ruth's Absolute Beginners Yoga course will suit you.  These popular courses run from her Carlisle venue at 8 Chatsworth Square.

As only students new to yoga will be in the class you will all be starting from scratch.  You will explore key aspects of yoga and discover why yoga is not simply stretching.   You will be introduced to key yoga asanas (poses) and we will explore how they feel for your body.  You will learn some basic pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Contact us to book your mat on the next Carlisle course start date to be confirmed.

These courses run over 2 Saturday mornings 10 am - 12.

An individual lesson with one of our experienced yoga instructors is suitable for both absolute beginners and those wishing to deepen their yoga practice. 

Increasingly, people are choosing to have a course of 1-2-1 private yoga lessons prior to joining one of our weekly classes.  If you are aware of any injuries or restrictions or simply lack confidence joining a class then we recommend a private lesson.  During your lesson you will work with your instructor to build your confidence on your mat.  If you are experienced then this a perfect opportunity for a more tailored yoga experience, facilitating you in deepening your practice. 

Individual mindfulness, meditation and yoga flows also available.

This class is suitable for those wishing to maintain their flexibility and strength but who are unable to practice yoga at floor level on a yoga mat.  For example, you may be unable to weight bear on your wrists or knees or simply cannot get up and down to a mat. Using a chair as support really helps you reap the benefits of yoga such as; increased flexibility, strength, balance, calm. You may be getting older, carry extra weight, lack energy/be recuperating, have aches and pains that mean you cannot get down to floor level to your mat.

This class will focus on balance and flexibility with the chair used as a tool for seated postures, such as twists and also standing postures.  As with all our yoga classes during this class you will explore breath work (pranayama) and this session will end with guided relaxation.

Our Chair Yoga class runs at 11 am  - 12.30 pm on Mondays.
This class runs in a block of 5 weeks.

To keep up to date on our expanding yoga services visit our The Yoga Rooms website at

At Carlisle Therapies we believe that yoga can not only help restore your flexibility and strength but that it also has the power to heal.  In response to new social distancing rules we have relocated all our classes to 8 Chatsworth Square.  View our Yoga Menu here.

The majority of our weekly classes are suitable for beginners as you progress at your own level.  We run a rolling programme of weekly classes in 5 week blocks, which you pre-book.  We also run some non-timetabled yoga classes and wellbeing events.

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