Emotional Freedom Technique (often known as “tapping”) is an effective therapy that provides relief and clarity on many emotional, physical and psychological concerns

Often described as “emotional acupuncture” without the needles, EFT uses gentle finger tapping on meridians (energy pathways used in other therapies including acupuncture, shiatsu and acupressure) along with cognitive therapy to “tune into” the issue at hand.

Clinical trials have shown that EFT tapping is able to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger emotional distress. Once this distress is reduced or removed, your body can often rebalance and accelerate its natural healing process.

EFT is becoming widely recognised as a very effective therapy for many physical and emotional issues, with over 100 papers in peer-reviewed medical and psychological journals providing evidence based results for conditions including phobias, PSTD, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, anger, trauma and other uncomfortable emotions. Many people have found this therapy to help with allergies, food craving, physical symptoms and pain.

EFT offers many self-help tools which are easy to learn and use at home to enable you to cope with every day stresses and challenges.

Matrix Reimprinting is an exciting new technique developed by EFT Master Karl Dawson (who Nicky trained with) that treats a variety of emotional and physical issue as well as helping to manifest goals and objectives. Based on the premise that a memory is our perception of an event, which in turn effects our emotional response to that memory, Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT and latest Quantum energy understandings to release unhelpful perceptions and any trauma related to these experiences. In turn positive, enhancing beliefs are “imprinted” which have been proven to bring significant benefits emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Nicky Forbes

Session Times
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£40 - 1 hour


I feel so much lighter and positive now I know I am no longer frightened of water any more. It’s stopped me doing so much since a young child. Since my EFT sessions with Nicky, I’ve learnt how to swim and now love spending time in and around water – Jenny

They don’t call it Emotional Freedom Technique for nothing - I feel so liberated not being restricted by my fears from the past. It’s made such a difference to how I view life and make decisions, I can’t thank Nicky enough for all her help and support. She has a really warm, compassionate and understanding approach – I felt safe and confident in her care at all times– Mary