The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical self-help method, taught in one-to-one lessons, which helps you to move more freely and easily. The Technique helps you identify and change your harmful postural habits that may be the cause of stress and pain. You learn to find the natural balance between the head, neck and back by releasing unnecessary tension: rediscovering balance of mind and body, and easy upright posture.

Your awareness grows, allowing you to change long-standing habits of movement, tension and reaction that interfere with natural and healthy coordination. You learn to use this new understanding and skill in everyday activities and more complex ones, to improve how you move, perform, look and feel.

Why choose Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique helps you to naturally overcome:

  • back, neck and joint pain
  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • poor posture
  • anxiety and stress-related conditions
  • breathing and vocal problems

People use the Technique to:

  • develop ease and elegance in movement and posture
  • improve balance, stability and coordination
  • enhance business and presentation skills
  • support pregnancy and childbirth
  • improve performance and prevent injury in sport, music and drama

Learning the Alexander Technique is an investment you make in yourself: a skill you can apply to all your daily activities, for life.

What to expect from a lesson
In an Alexander lesson, your teacher will use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal explanations to help you find ease and balance within yourself. Simple movements and everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking, bending and lying down are used. Comfortable clothing is best to wear – trousers or leggings are ideal – and lessons take place with shoes removed.

How many lessons will I need
The number of Alexander lessons you take can be discussed with your Alexander teacher, and depends upon your progress and your particular needs.

Kathy Hick BSc MBA MSTAT
Member of Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT)
Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
BackCare Professional Member

Session Times
Monday & Saturday, 10am-3pm

£50 – Initial Lesson, 60 minutes
£40 – Follow Up Lessons, 45 minutes
£216 – 6-lesson package (10% discount)


You learn to use your body all over again and it's wonderful and an intense experience. Hard to explain it unless you have actually tried it. – LH