Mark Harkness
BA (hons) BACP
Person-Centred Counsellor

Experience in bereavement, adolescent issues, and addiction problems.
I welcome new approaches and I'm very open to alternative therapies and modern techniques if I feel they will help me to deliver a better therapeutic service.

Although I have a great deal of experience working with children and young people, I am in a position to offer counselling and support to adults too. I have a wealth of knowledge around grief, the loss of a child, depression, anxiety and addiction.

I am a friendly, outgoing individual with a great passion and dedication towards counselling and self-help therapies. I have excellent inter-personal skills and communicate very effectively with people from all backgrounds of society.

My non-judgement approach towards my work allows me to gain the confidence and trust of others quickly, and my discretion and confidentiality are a vital part of my role.

I've worked within various healthcare setting within the last 12 years. Including a year at 'Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital' in London where I was employed as an operating theatre assistant. This role developed my ability to think on my feet and become intuitive to the needs of the surgeons and nurses that I was working alongside. The nature of the work also helped to develop my ability to stay calm and composed in times of great stress and pressure.

I was employed by Eden Valley Hospice in Carlisle for 9 years. Based in a children's unit named 'Jigsaw: Cumbria's Children's Hospice'. I supported children and their families who were suffering from life threatening and life limiting illnesses. I also supported families through bereavement and help them face what is more often than not an uncertain future.

I am also employed by Child Bereavement UK, a national charity that supports bereaved families and bereaved children. I am employed as a 'Bereavement Support Practitioner', based in Carlisle and the Eden District.

I have also had some volunteering experience at UNITY in Carlisle, working with individuals who are undergoing treatment for various drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Within UNITY, I delivered a 'Reflection and Loss' workshop. This consisted of me talking to service users about things they feel they have lost during their addiction and recovery process. It also allowed them to reflect upon their addiction journey and identify any remaining issues or problems that it generates.

I currently work for PAC in Carlisle (Promoting Autonomy and Change) providing therapy and counselling to young people and children.