Kathy Hick
Alexander Technique Teacher

Kathy’s widely varied corporate career has given her a first-hand appreciation of the stresses and strains imposed on our bodies, minds and wellbeing in the modern office environment. Kathy worked in chemical engineering (in manufacturing), in scientific publishing, and in human resources project work before taking five years out when her daughter was born.

It was that step away from office work that gave Kathy the space to choose her uncharted career leap to retrain as an Alexander Technique teacher. Earlier in her corporate years, Kathy struggled with persistent low back pain, with years of visits to the osteopath but still left fighting pain and near-depression. Frustrated, she began Alexander Technique lessons, and her pain – and life – turned completely around. Kathy learned that much of her pain was a result of unnecessary mental and physical tension in most of her everyday activities – habits common to everyone.

That was over 20 years ago. Kathy’s passionate desire to help others enhance their own wellbeing led her to train as an Alexander teacher herself, completing the three-year full-time course at Cumbria Alexander Training in Kendal in 2005. She loves her practice, teaching clients to find their way back from back/neck/shoulder pain, stress and poor posture to a life refilled with ease and balance, comfort and mindfulness.

Clinic Times

Monday & Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm