Zest4life trained health & wellbeing coaching

I just LOVE continuing to learn! So ... over the past year I have been travelling backwards and forwards to London to undertake some health and wellbeing coaching training - an area of study that for the past few years I have firmly believed was integral to my practice. I can now proudly announce I have become a ‘Zest4life’ health and wellbeing coach and am now using coaching within my Nutritional Therapy programmes.

The zest4life process was developed by a team of experts including Patrick Holford, one of Britain's most respected Nutritionists. To be associated with his brand is the perfect complement to my own business and identity in today’s marketplace.  But what is ‘coaching within Nutritional Therapy’ I hear you say? Well, let me try and explain:

Nutritional Therapy identifies the underlying imbalances in body systems and supports the body as a whole with the correct nutrients and lifestyle advice (very simply put)!

I love educating my clients about potential imbalances and how they can be brought into balance with the use of specific nutrients, supplements (if required) and lifestyle advice. Having the knowledge of how our bodies work, empowers us all to take charge of our own health and behaviours. I love the fact that every client I see has already in effect taken responsibility for their health and wellbeing by finding themselves in my clinic room in the first place.

But – as we all know, learning about health promoting nutrients and a healthy lifestyle is one thing, but living it and doing it forever is another. Let’s face it, we’ve all started new eating regimes or diets, time and time again only to give up every time, blaming the process or actually most likely, ourselves!

It’s perfectly normal to understand the information and have the tools that will support an imbalance but just not quite being able to translate this information into action (or certainly not for long enough). This inevitably results in not experiencing significant changes in our symptoms or our weight that we so dearly hope for!! This is really common and extremely common when it comes to weight loss - not surprising really, seeing as food and health have such huge social, psychological and emotional connections.

So , coaching within Nutritional Therapy looks at not only the potential imbalances at play within the body and how your current diet impacts on this but also looks very very closely at you and the life you lead.

  • What are your goals? I will look closely at your goals to firmly establish what you want and don’t want, and to explore why you haven’t succeeded in making changes in the past.
  • What are your values? Delving into our values and beliefs that surround our concept of wellness can actually make the difference between making a few short-term changes and making changes that will last a life time.
  • Blocks: Are there any unseen blocks that may actually be holding you back?
  • Empowering you to clearly see for yourself the most appropriate path forward so that we can make sustainable, long term lifestyle changes.

The ultimate intent of integrating coaching into my practice leads to greater success in achieving your goal and sustaining your new eating plans and lifestyle changes forever.

That ‘forever’ bit is my aim!

Alison Martin
BA (hons) Dip ION, BANT, CNHC
Nutritional Therapist