Balance your Life with Self-Care

Self-care is essential to our wellbeing. If we don't look after ourselves, we have less to give, and giving it drains us even deeper.  Self-care can be simple, and quietly integrated into your daily life:

~ As you're driving, let your grip on the steering wheel soften to an easier hold, and let your head float on top of your neck rather than sticking your chin forward.

~ Working on your computer - let your shoulders drop, loosen your grip on the mouse, let your jaw soften and your head float on a lengthened (not stretched) neck.

~ If you have even 5-10 minutes, grab some Active Rest - lying on the floor, knees bent, hands placed on stomach, head resting on 3-5 cm of books.

~ Notice your thinking. As you're about to do what you've always done, and react as you always have - HABIT - pause to consider whether you have a choice. (hint: you DO have a choice)

~ Always thinking about how you're working in the moment ...

Self-care isn't just about spa days and holidays.  It's also about moving and thinking in balance and ease - something you can learn to do in daily life.  It's what I teach you to do with Alexander Technique and Mindfulness.

Contact me to find out how to bring more choice, balance and wellbeing into your life.
Have a great day, and look after yourself.

Kathy Hick
Alexander Technique at Carlisle Therapies